… We’ve all heard of the benefits of yoga, from increased mobility and better posture to decreased stress, lower blood pressure, and so much more. Modern science and medicine are now backing up a lot of these claims, and that means millions of people are falling in love with and receiving the benefits of yoga. However, not everything we’ve been told over the years is completely true and many yogis fall in line with traditions that don’t fully make sense to them. Just because something is popular, doesn’t mean it’s factual. 

… Yoga has changed my life in more ways than I have room or time to ever put into words and over the years, as I have been fortunate enough to teach around the world, I have seen these same ripples of vibrancy, health, and mindfulness take place in the lives of others. 

… As a paramedic, I saw the worst parts of sadness and illness in people for a long time; drug and child abuse, assault, sickness, and death. Rather than allowing this to negatively influence my view of humanity, I dove in even deeper to find how and what we can change with practice and patience. I intensified my studies and research at the University of Central Florida in psychology and neuroanatomy, determined to find out more on the benefits of a mindful lifestyle– of which yoga is just one component. 

… Now, along with fellow fitness professionals, trainers, nutritionists, and a team of physicians here in Atlanta at BodyFitMD, we are working together to bring a well-rounded, real and accessible lifestyle approach to others. Yoga is not a fad. Diets don’t work. Real people enjoy cocktails and pizza from time to time. The yogic approach to being healthy and happy is beautiful and ever evolving, now backed by science and fact, yet fueled by what is actually doable with busy schedules, kids, jobs, and life. 

… To learn more about trainings and lifestyle assessments in Atlanta or to see in what other cities I’ll be teaching this year, click here.

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