Yoga as preventive healthcare.

While we all know that movement and exercise are important to living a healthy life, I believe that the benefits of any physical practice (be it yoga, HIIT, jogging, cycling, or swimming) are further amplified when other wellness methods coalesce, such as restful sleep, balanced nutrition, tending to our mental health, nurturing healthy relationships, and so on. The practice of yoga happens to be an effective way to get grounded, move, breathe deeply, cleanse the mind and body, strengthen, and connect — things we all need more of these days.

As an emergency + trauma nurse and after spending years on an ambulance as a paramedic, I have seen my fair share of mind/body misalignment—whether due to illness, injury, or lifestyle. So on the mat, I try to keep my teachings challenging yet light-hearted— the practice should motivate and empower. I try to encourage my students to practice skillful movement with an air of positivity and an attitude of “I can do this”. Yet off the mat, I use some of those same yogic methods with both my students and my patients to illustrate new ways of thinking about their bodies and their lives. A short meditation can help to calm a patient before surgery, a few neck stretches can make an office worker’s life much better, and a restorative yoga practice can settle the mind for more restful sleep.

The way the human body works is incredible, and I’ve made it my passion to help others learn to find balance and health within their lives. I hope you’ll join me for a class on Gaia, or at a training near you.


In gratitude,


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