Taylor Harkness is a Board Certified Emergency & Trauma Nurse and a Yoga Teacher, keen on using well-rounded and varied approaches to guide his clients toward optimal health. His unique style of teaching highlights how important it is to simply cover the basics first — skilled movement, deep breathing, hydration, nutrition, restful sleep, and mental health practices can go a long way toward overall well-being; yet these aspects are frequently overlooked by healthcare providers and often supplanted by pharmacological means. He vows to work hard at being a part of the shift toward common sense wellness practices in healthcare.
Taylor is currently working full-time in the Emergency Department during the COVID-19 Pandemic but still offers accessible, upbeat yoga classes on Gaia. During his down time, he retreats to the mountains with his soon-to-be husband and three dogs for a bit of solitude. The constant student, Taylor plans on earning his Critical Care and Trauma Board Certifications in the coming years before finishing a dual Doctorate in Family and Emergency Medicine as a Nurse Practitioner.




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