10 Minute Sequence for Self-Care

This short sequence is meant to relieve your achy parts, calm your mind, and restore your energy. If you’d like to practice & train in-person, check out my travel schedule of workshops in 2017 here. Before starting, create a calm place in your home. You’ll only need about 10 minutes. Silence your phone, take off your smart watch, pull […]

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The Yogi’s Guide to Getting Through the Holidays Without Losing Your Sh*t

Listen now. Don’t like this media player? Listen on YouTube below, instead.   It’s that time of year again! Grampa is ranting about something, but is it the Mexicans or Obama this time? Mom is one mushy onion away from a full blown breakdown in the kitchen, your uncle won’t shut up about the election, […]

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Creating Silence in Yoga

Read below or listen now. Quick and shameless plug: I’ll be teaching this and similar content for yoga teachers in 2017. Check out the schedule here. Now onto the goods.   License to Chill: Creating Silence in Yoga We’ve all been there. You’re in yoga, enjoying the flow and the music. You think “This teacher […]

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