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It’s that time of year again! Grampa is ranting about something, but is it the Mexicans or Obama this time? Mom is one mushy onion away from a full blown breakdown in the kitchen, your uncle won’t shut up about the election, you’ve spent the last three weekends rushing from one tacky sweater party to the next, your to-do list is piling up, your jeans are feeling a little more snug than usual. and the only one who has any chill these days is the dog.

Getting through the holidays can be tough for lots of us. We’ve all grown up watching our favorite feel-good movies focused on embodying the Holiday spirit, but it’s hard to recall that feeling when you’re standing amidst a sea of angry shoppers, fighting over the last Furby at Target. Is Furby still a thing? Anyway, have no fear! The Yogi’s Guide to Getting Through the Holidays Without Losing Your Sh*t! will help you navigate the obstacles we’re sure to face. So take a breath, remind yourself about what’s truly important this time of year, and treat yourself to another cookie. After all, yoga studios will have big sales on packages come January 1st. So kick your feet up and have a listen.

Special thanks to Andrea Ferretti and Alexandria Crow for helping to make this episode.

Produced by me, Taylor Harkness, in beautiful downtown Atlanta.

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