Regardless of your political views and opinions, we all have to admit that the game has changed. When a major political party aligns itself with discrimination, an avid denial of science, and a clear nationalistic agenda, we all need to take notice.

Like many Americans, I consider myself to be fiscally conservative and socially, quite liberal. While I would love to see more jobs created, I want them to be 21st-century jobs with skilled workers leading us into the new age of technology– not low paying, archaic, hazardous and environmentally damaging jobs. I want to see middle-class America thriving, not just merely surviving. So why is it that, in this day and age of information, technology, and cutting-edge science,  we can’t have all the things it would take to elevate society? Why can’t we have good jobs and equal pay for women? Why can’t we have secure borders and a robust and welcoming immigration system, bringing in new ideas and cultures? Why can’t we protect the environment, support equality for everyone, and dig our country out of major debt? The truth is… we can. 

Change happens, not just every four years in the White House, but every single day– and even more so every two years at the local, state, and congressional levels. If you feel strongly about our future, human rights, education, healthcare and immigration reform, then it’s time to get involved. Elected officials work for you! We hire them and we fire them. The problem is– most of us don’t know where to start. Enter, The Indivisible Guide.

The Indivisible Guide is a full document created by former Congressional Staffers who know the ins-n-outs of how to make congress listen. Their mantra is that Together, we have the power to resist– and we have the power to win.



By creating local groups of concerned citizens and giving clear instructions and a course of action (including scripts for calls to your representatives), The Indivisible Guide has helped hundreds of thousands of people take a stand. You can download the guide for free and even join or start a local chapter. We know that resisting an administration whose platform is built upon hate, discrimination, and funneling resources to the top 0.1% is going to take a lot of work, a lot of collaboration, and a united front. Get involved today. Visit the link below to read or download the guide, and to search for local groups near you. Then, check out my piece on Feeding Your Brain, Responsibly to find news sources and podcasts that are based in fact and quality journalism. Encourage others to get involved, start chapters, and discuss what is important. Take a stand. We can do this, together.



In gratitude and solidarity,


T. Harkness



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