Staying informed has luckily (and finally!) become a popular trend. Yet in the same way that we strive to feed our bodies with nutritious food, we should also strive to feed our minds with quality reporting. In a time when fake news and politically biased reporting loom large, leading people to “alternative facts”, click bait, and gossip stories, it can be hard to choose your sources without feeling confused or intimidated. It’s also easy to become overwhelmed and then disinterested, even when we want to stay informed. So, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite, reliable news sources and podcasts on everything from science to politics (with links to their websites and their mobile apps in the Apple App Store). By supporting thorough, quality, unbiased journalism, we can unite behind the truth. Staying well-informed is our strongest weapon for advancing progress and defending everyone’s civil rights. If you don’t know where your news is coming from, you’re not actually a part of the solution.





My partner and I get The New York Times delivered Friday through Sunday, and enjoy sitting down and reading it together when I’m home. We also have the mobile app set up to send notifications throughout the day. This is a great ‘go-to’.



theSkimm is a concise, daily email that fills you in on what’s happening with just enough highlights to keep it interesting. From sports to politics, it’s written in an engaging and humorous light and it’s the first thing I read every morning. Sign up to stay informed.




BBC News has a robust network of global journalists and the mobile app is pretty dope. They’re usually the first to ping my phone with breaking news.





The Associated Press is another great source for news (not just politics) and the mobile app works well and is user-friendly.




Probably our household favorite, NPR and their mobile app have a vast array of programs that are simultaneously informative, interesting, and entertaining. I always feel smarter and more curious after an NPR session. Download their other app, NPR One to listen to stations near you.




The mobile app for The Washington Post is thorough, but not my favorite ‘go-to’. I use this to cross-reference stories and get a slightly different perspective.




The Economist is a solid magazine and a great read– this is a treat to myself when I’m on a long flight as the magazine can run a whopping $16 an issue! When I have the cash, it’s well worth it.








RadioLab is my all-time favorite podcast with varying stories on everything from science and health to politics. If you’re not listening to RadioLab, you are definitely missing out!





RadioLab Presents More Perfect is a podcast specifically about the history and evolution of the Supreme Court of the United States. I enjoy the chance to learn more about something I know so little about. The episodes are interesting, engaging, and full of life and character.





This American Life is another really excellent show that highlights stories of varied American perspectives and angles. It comes out weekly and always adds so much to my commutes.







I was a little skeptical of 99% Invisible when I first started listening because it’s all about design. But I quickly changed my mind and was hooked after the first listen. This entertaining and informative podcast is all about the subtle, often unnoticeable elements of the world around us.






On the Media is one of my new favorites and I first found it when RadioLab shared one of the episodes. They recently put together a 5 part series on the myths of poverty in America and I was instantly hooked. It’s so good and I have been back to re-listen to several of the episodes in that series because they’re so full of insight and information.




Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me has been one of my favorite weekly listens for years now. It’s a game show news quiz featuring a rotating panel with some of my favorite comedians and personalities like Paula Poundstone, Bobcat Goldthwait, Faith Salie, and Tom Bodett. It will leave you laughing and informed on current events.

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