A Handful of Poses: Chapter 2

If you’re following along, then this is Chapter Two of your weekly guide to learning just a few Yoga poses with ease. Keep in mind that, while learning the names and concepts might be easy, becoming comfortable with these poses can take a lot of time (years, even!), practice, and patience. Teachers of different styles […]

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A Handful of Poses: Chapter 1

When beginning a yoga practice… it can feel a bit confusing, conjuring up all kinds of questions– “what do I do with my body? am I supposed to look like that? am I even doing this right?” Well, fear not! Here are a few simple poses you may encounter or hear called out within a yoga class. […]

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A Short Practice for Calming the F*ck Down

REAL QUICK A recent survey taken by the American Psychological Association (APA) reveals that roughly two-thirds of Americans report that they are significantly stressed about the future of our nation. From distressing thoughts on terrorism to uncertainty about the job market, stress and anxiety were present among both Democrats and Republicans, resulting in the first time […]

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